Federation of Window Cleaners

Aquadapter Spares

Aqua-dapter Cap
The End Cap is held in place by the tension of the spring.
£ 0.49
Aqua-dapter G-Spring
These galvanized springs are stronger than the Stainless Steel springs originally supplied and so improve the operation of the Aqua-dapter, particularly when returning the carriage to the top when in use on long poles (i.e. pulling a heavy hose full of water back up).
£ 1.20
This is a small piece of hard round tube that is exactly the right diameter to slide inside the Aqua-dapter hose. Particularly when using hot water, this insert helps to stop the hose from pulling out of the push fit connector as it prevents the hose collapsing.Flow rate is unaffected.
£ 0.25