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10" Channel & Rubber Liquidator 2.0 Moerman
LIQUIDATOR 2.0 - NEW! NEW FIXED END CLIPS Stronger end clips Industrial grade plastic More friction resistant Permanent fixed end clips Replacement clips available

EFFICIENCY *****- Reduced cloth prepping and detailing- Up to 25 % time saving
AMAZING RESULTS *****- Amazing results with less effort- No water residues in corners & edges
SAFE ***- No need to reach out with a cloth- Plastic tips are gentle for the frame
ERGONOMIC ***- Lightweight for easy and precise handling- Floats like air over the glass

£ 3.00
Channel and Rubber plastic Hi - Rise
Lightweight Plastic Squeegee Standard length handle this item is a complete squeegee so handle channel and rubber is what you get for this great price.Note: Colours may vary
£ 1.50
Channel and Rubbers Moerman Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Channels Premium brushed stainless steel (=rust-resistant) Durable Complete with Dura-Flex rubber SOFT  Notched channel to securely hold rubber and channel in place Available in , 30cm/12"  and 45cm/18"

£ 1.25
Cloth Fishscale Microfibre Dark Blue

High quality next generation glass cloth that is more aggressive than the standard weave glass cloth, has slightly higher absorption qualities too.

This high quality fishscale cloth can be used for all brightwork. These cloths are ideal to buff or polish any bright surface, due to their texture they will ensure a streak free finish.

Although they are made from the same material as the terry cloths, these fishscale glass cloths are a much tighter weave. Although they clean more aggressively than a traditional glass cloth, they are still soft so will not damage any surface.

The large 80×60 cm are a popular choice for window cleaners. Fishscale cloths are not ideal to use on lead flashings as the lead can pull the fibres out, although this won’t damage the performance of the cloth or hinder its performance it may age quicker.

£ 2.40
Ettore Pro + Scraper 6" Plus 10 Blades
6" window scraper perfect for removing paint, construction debris and other caked on deposits from glass. Ergonomic,rubberized comfort handle ensures good grip even when wet. Includes "Safety" Yellow Blade Cover. Comes with carbon steel blade.

Fits all Ettore extension poles.

this offer includes a pack of 10 Replacement Blades

£ 8.00
Gloves Seal Skinz Ultra Grip
Ultra Grip Gloves Sealskinz Waterproof Breathable and WindproofA waterproof, breathable, close fitting and dexterous glove with grip dots on the palms for added hold in the wet and Merino Wool lining for excellent performance.
£ 19.00