Federation of Window Cleaners

20" Filters & Membranes

Filter 20" Block Carbon
20" Block Carbon Filter (CTO)Radial Flow Extruded Carbon Block Cartridges provide low cost proven performance.Carbon block filter cartridges simultaneously remove chlorine taste, odour and organic chemicals while providing the sediment holding capacity of an efficient 5 micron nominal filter and are optimal for applications requiring both sediment and activated carbon functions.High purity acid washed activated carbon fused into uniform blocks within our cartridges ensures enhanced adsorptive capacity coupled to low total filtration costs.Carbon block cartridges unlike granular activated carbon will not channel or by-pass.
£ 13.27
Filter 20" Sediment
20" Cartridge sediment filter 5 microns Constructed of thermally-bonded polypropylene fibre media, nominally-rated filters are specifically designed to economically remove sediment from liquid streams. The filters are manufactured from 100% virgin polypropylene with no added binders, resins or adhesives. The filters utilise a proven multi-layer construction to ensure true depth filtration, this manufacturing process produces a product with greatly increased dirt holding capacity, increased collapse strength and excellent filtration efficiency.
£ 5.50
Membrane 21" Ultra Low Pressure
20" HF5 Commercial Ultra Low Pressure Membrane, average rejection rate 98%HF5 Membranes are the perfect choice for ultra-low pressure applications and ideal for those who wish to couple the high rejection rate with significant energy savings. Able to cope with operating pressures as low as 80 psi (5.5bar), the HF5 membrane elements are the best choice to counter the negative effects of cold water temperatures on reverse osmosis production whilst still delivering excellent flow rates. Price upon request
£ 175.00