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Van Guard pipe carrier for vans
All NEW Pipe Carrier from Van Guard.Rectangular. Black and silver  Made from anodised aluminium to AA15. Aerodynamic end cap. Crash tested to maximum capacity to ECE Reg 17. Integrated locking mechanism. Supplied with 2 keys. Universal T slot fixing. Supplied with universal brackets. Technical Information:Dimensions: 158mm wide x 128mm high x 3030mm long. Weight: 12.8kg (without contents). Able to carry up to 60 x 15mm copper pipes weighing 50kg. To fit 3m pipes. WHY ARE THEY SO GOOD? Unique. Sleek stylish modern design. Anti corrosive. Lower running costs. Secure, safe storage. No padlocks to lose. Easy to fit. Fits most bars. Tailored to carry longer lengths. Protect your pipes and your profits. More pipe carrier for your money. FITTING Fitting time approximately 20-30 minutes. Detailed fixing instructions are supplied. Contains a universal T slot fixing. Supplied with universal brackets to fit most bars that are 20-50 mm high and 20-60 mm wide. Bars should not need drilling as a unique clamping system is provided. Can be fitted to other makes of bars.

Colours shown may not always be the same upon delivery.
£ 185.81