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MOERMAN Stainless Steel Channel, Rubbers and handles

Handle Combinator Moerman


The Combinator 2.0 handle is part of the Combinator kit but can also be used as astand-alone handle. It’s lightweight and constructed of durable polypropylene.

Do you like the easy click mechanism but favor the feelof a steel handle? Why not take a look at our Premium Snapper Handle. Ithas the best of both: the easy click system and the feel of a steel handle.


  • Easy click mechanism
  • Part of the Combinator set
  • Fixes securely to our extension poles
  • Fits all Moerman and most other common channels


£ 9.87
Handle Excelrator Moerman
EXCELERATOR - NEW! REVOLUTIONARY WAY OF CLEANING WITH TELEPOLE Adaptable angle 10° - 25° - 40° Super smooth swivel movement Swivel lock button Ideal for high or low reach use Light ergonomic bi-component grip Easy on/off for telepole with safety hole Use with F*LIQ for hand and telepole Fits LIQUIDATOR and other channels EFFICIENCY ****- Don't loose time changing tools- Reduced cloth prepping and detailing AMAZING RESULTS *****- Better result with less efforts- No water residues in corner and edges SAFE *****- No ladder required, up to 1st floor cleaning- No need to reach out with a cloth ERGONOMIC ****- Lightweight: less strain on shoulder, arm, wrist...- Minimal pressure for optimal cleaning result
£ 13.92
Handle Moerman Premium - 17733


From the beginning, the premium handle has been one of the top standardhandles in our professional window cleaning range. Made of stainless steel witha bi-component soft-touch grip.

  • Anti-slip material
  • Ergonomic spring release for easy channel & rubber replacement.
  • Fixes securely to our extension poles
  • Best results with Liquidator 3.0
£ 8.64
Handle Moerman Premium Snapper Handle


The Premium Snapper handle has a unique way of assembling the channel tothe handle : through the easy click mechanism known from our Combinator 2.0.

  • Anti-slip material
  • Stainless steel material
  • Soft-touch bi-component grip
  • Longer handle for a more ergonomic grip
  • Easy and painless click-system to hold channel
  • Fits all Moerman and most other common channels

£ 11.56
Handle Moerman Stainless Steel - 17773


Solid is the best way to describethis stainless steel handle. Best used with stainless steel channels.

  • High quality stainless steel
  • Ergonomic rubber grip
  • Spring release for quick channel exchange
  • Fixes securely on our extension poles
  • Fits all Moerman and most other common channels


£ 6.32
F*LIQ - NEW! Replacement F*LIQ clips are available Easy on/off F*LIQ clips Fits LIQUIDATOR 2.0 100% high quality microfiber Fibre length: 16mm Extra padding ensures high water retention Washable at 60° High tear and wear resistance Available in 25cm/10" - 35cm/14" - 45cm/18" EFFICIENCY *****- Extra water absorption for longer washing- Don't loose time changing tools AMAZING RESULTS ****- Flat washer features: no water on window frame- Best quality microfiber for better washing results SAFE *- Reliable locking and click-on parts ERGONOMIC **- Lightweight for easy handling & user convenience
£ 12.85