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PVC Cleaners

FaceLift® RazrWASH is the very latest breakthrough in cleaning technology. Blending naturally derived citrus solvent with specialised surfactants and sodium citrate. The fast acting formula removes dirt, grime, diesel oil, food oils, fats, grease, tobacco fillm, body fats, engineering oil, rubber marks quickly and safely. The cleaner for non slip floors, walls, industrial equipment, machinery, dip tanks etc. Suitable for use on plastic UPVC windows & conservatories. DIRECTIONS & DILUTIONS Heavy Dirt - Undiluted General Cleaning - 1:50-1:100Light Cleaning - 1:200Dilute with either hot or cold, fresh or salt water. Agitate the surface, allow up to 10 minutes contact time and rinse away thoroughly. Suitable for use with stainless steel ultrasonic cleaning equipment. PLEASE NOTE: Do not use on Aluminium, Zinc or other Alkali-Sensitive surfaces. Always test a small area before carrying out the cleaning operation, to ensure no damage can be caused.
£ 9.00