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Holster Ninja ErgoTec for scraper Unger
ErgoTec® Ninja Scraper Holster Fits 10cm or 15cm scrapersNinja Scraper Holster provides quick, easy and accessible scraper storage – simply slide the scraper into the Holster and lock the handle into the robust clamp to prevent the scraper from falling out. Made of durable solid plastic, the Holster is built to withstand frequent contact with sharp blades thanks to its integrated stainless steel strike plate. Designed to help you minimize the risk of cuts and injuries, the Holster can be worn on a belt for safe and instant access to the scraper – perfect for working at height.Fits to most standard tool belts.Fits the scraper with or without protective cap.Compatible with most flat or angled 10cm / 4” or 15cm / 6” scrapers.Covered by Unger’s 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
£ 8.23
Holster Unger Double
Henry's Double Holster Leather tool holder, two compartments. for fastening to belt.
£ 20.50