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Cleano Indoor Cleaning Sytem

23cm x 10cm microfibre pad absorbs dirt and moisture for a superior streak-free finish
£ 4.20
Indoor Cleano Window Cleaning System
The Cleano, available in 5 different sizes! - Bucket-free indoor window cleaning system sprays a mist at high levels to prevent streaking. The revolution in indoor window cleaning.... for sparkling, hygienic, bug-free windows! Even on the inside, dirty and grimy windows harbour harmful bacteria, our bucket-free window cleaning system removes dirt, grime and bugs with the combined cleaning power of water and or chemicals and microfibre. Surfaces are left brighter, fresher and hygienic with no residual particles or surface smears. CLEANO is an entirely mechanical tool using no batteries or electrical connection. Its unique integral pump system and easily-cleaned nozzle deliver fluid straight on to the surface which can then be cleaned using the detachable microfibre head. The Viton internal gaskets protect the pump system and allow a cleaning solution to be mixed with the water prior to use.NEW! The new 'Bambino' hand-held Cleano is handy for cleaning internal glass on public transport or glass panels that require quick and easy access, and even & table tops. Use with a glass pad/mop for windows and glass or spot pad/mop for tiles, ceramic surfaces. Available in 1m, 1.4m, 3m & 6m lengths, and a hand-held Cleano.
£ 59.54
Cleano Glass pad
£ 4.11
Cleano Spot Pad
£ 3.85