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Window Cleaning Kits

Kristalset - Contico/Pulex Complete Window Cleaning KitContains: 10" 14" and 18" Channel and Rubber, Squeegee Handle, Replacement Squeegee rubbers,Scraper holder and blades, 14" Window Wash applicator, Sponge,Cranked Offset AdaptorDeluxe Window Scraper and Blades, Telescopic pole 2 x 1.25m
£ 49.71
Kit Window Cleaning traditional tools Ettore
Ettore Starter Window Cleaning Kit Contains: 2 section 2 x 120cm Reach Pole, Stainless Steel Channels 8"/12"/18", Rubbers (3 Each) 8"/12"/18", Scrapermaster Scraper with Replacement Blades (10 Pack), 14" Golden Glove Washer, Stainless Steel Release Handle
£ 69.13
Traditional Window Cleaning Start up Kit
Unger ErgoTec Set Contains: MF40L Microwipe cloths 40cm x 40cm x 3, ETGOO Ergotec Handle,NS35 Microstrip Sleeve 14", EH35 Ergotec T-Bar 14", SHOOO Ergotec Glass scraper, NCANO Ergotec Safety Cone,PCLIP Plastic Clips,RR92 36" Soft Rep Rubber, SR03K Erogtec Safety Scraper, NE25 10" Channel & Rubber,NE35 14" Channel & Rubber, NE45 18" Channel & Rubber, PL100 The Pill, Glass Cleaner, 10 Piecestrip, EX250 OptiLoc telescopic pole, 2 Sec 2.50M
£ 106.45
Unger Transet Window Cleaning Kit Contains: PROO Pro Squeegee Handle, NE25 10" C&R, NE35 14" C&R, NE45 18" C&R, RR92 Replacement Rubber 36", WC35 Original Strip Pac 14", EZ250 Optiloc Telescopic Pole 2 Section 2.50m Nano Ergotec Safety Cone, FIXI Clamp, HBRoo Fixi Brush, SPO10 Fixi Sponge, SR20K Safety Scraper TX100 Pro Trim10 Glass Scraper and instructions
£ 122.39