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Vikan Easy Shine Kit

Vikan easyshine internal cleaning kitVikan Ergo Clean glass mop! Our innovative glass mops have been developed to meet the increasing amount of interior glazed areas, including windows, doors, mirrors and screens, which are to be cleaned on a daily basis at varying heights and levels demanding a new and more ergonomic approach. The Complete EasyShine Kit features: 1 short ergonomic telescopic handle with click fit, 500-800 mm, 1 Frame 25 cm, 5 Window Mop 25 cm, 5 Micro fibre lustre cloth grey, 1 Spray bottle 250 ml.
£ 73.50
Easy Shine Microfibre Replacement Mop (Priced as single)
£ 8.96
Vikan Easy-Shine Replacement Mop Frame 24cm tapering down to 19cmPlease Note This Mop frame is not compatible with Unger and Ettore poles, also the picture show is the larger mop frame size for floors.
£ 18.00
Easy Shine Pole Adapter With this collar you can attach the Vikan Easy Shine kit to your Xtel pole....with german thread.
£ 7.87