Federation of Window Cleaners


Brand new Uni-valve Control your water flow with this on/off water control valve.

Uni-valve is operated by pulling the hose at the base of the water fed pole. Pull the hose once to turn water on, then pull once again to turn water off, its that easy. No more bending over to pick a valve off the floor, no more loop of hose created when using trigger valves.

The most convenient way to control water usage. Please note 3 x O-Clips 5mm are not included in the price.
£ 33.55
Blue uni-valve hose sold per metre All Weather hoseEx-ceed innovation is a specialized hose, unlike cheap pvc hose.It stays consistent in varying weather hot or cold.Please Note:3x O-Clips 5mm Required for UNI-VALVE these are included when you purchase the univalve above
£ 1.95