Federation of Window Cleaners

Water Softening Resin and Softening Vessels

Simple inline filter to use in conjunction with basic RO systems. The pressure vessel is full of water softener resin, and the 10" housing as a refillable cannister full of salt. The regenerating of the softener resin must take place periodically, depending on the hardness of the ingoing TDS (total dissolved solids) reading, taken with a TDS meter. As an example, if the TDS reading of the mains water supply is 100ppm, the softener resin in the FH1K vessel is able to treat 2,250 litres of mains water. If the TDS reading is 200ppm, the softener resin is able to treat half this amount, etc. Please note this is only to soften the water in hard water areas and NOT to bring your TDS Metre reading to 0ppm
£ 189.00