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Disposable Blue Vinyl Gloves lightly powdered Latex free box of 100 code PKGLOVL

Blue vinyl powdered disposable glove


Manufactured from: PVC plastisol

Latex free: reducing the risk of hyper sensitivity and allergic reactions

Soft smooth formulation: For improved feel and fit reducing fatigue during extended wear

Lightly powdered: To ease donning and absorb perspiration

Smooth finish

Blue glove: Offering traceability for the food industry

Food Contact: Tested in accordance with European standard EN1186 making it suitable for food contact

Face Shield reusable protective complete 180 degree vision
Face Shield User Guidance

Care and cleaning

The visors are reusable but sterilisation is a decision for each health authority based on their processesand risk assessments.

✔ The visor can be wiped clean/semi sterilised with universal wipes

✔ The visors can sterilised through immersion and washing in hot soapy water (400C)

✔ The visor can be sterilised through immersion in 1% chlorine solution, as per many hospitals

✔ The visor was sterilised effectively by NHS Partner* @ 600C

✔ The visor can be sterilised through immersion in Isopropyl Alcohol

✔ The visor was sterilised effectively by NHS Partner* @ 1000C

Wash Procedure

Suggested cleaning process, as used by NHS 
Development Partner*Tests used x 10 visors per wash

1 Pre-wash - 20.5C (5 min)

2 Wash using Phoenix* - 61.3C 6mins water pressure 4.8bar

3 Rinse - 60C (1 min)

4 Thermal rinse - 90-93C (8 min)

5 Drying 100-105.4C (10 min)

*Chemicals used

✔ PHOENIX (Potassium polyphosphate aqueous solution 20-30%,Dihydroxypropane 1-10%, Subtillisin 0-0.5%).

Technical Specifications


Dimensions(fully assembled): 320mm(L) x 250mm(H) x 200mm(D)

Dimensions(Shield only (flat): 390mm(W) x 200mm(H)

Weight (approx): 200g

Materials used (shield): 1mm Polycarbonate

Materials used(straps and visor): Polypropylene

No Latex is used in any part of this product.
Gloves Waterproof Blue Summer Glove

Our waterproof gloves incorporate a 13-gauge nylon liner and is fully coated with latex on the back of the hand; it protects the hands against water.

Our waterproof gloves provide an excellent grip, whether in dry, wet, or water applications. Moreover, excellent dexterity, flexibility, and comfort are retained.

Winter Orange Waterproof Gloves
Those Winter Waterproof gloves are 13 gauge gloves with a napped acrylic liner to keep the user's hands warm. Fully waterproof (apart from the sleeves) and comfortable to wear in cold and wet temperatures.