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Disposable Blue Vinyl Gloves lightly powdered Latex free box of 100


Blue vinyl powdered disposable glove


Manufactured from: PVC plastisol

Latex free: reducing the risk of hyper sensitivity and allergic reactions

Soft smooth formulation: For improved feel and fit reducing fatigue during extended wear

Lightly powdered: To ease donning and absorb perspiration

Smooth finish

Blue glove: Offering traceability for the food industry

Food Contact: Tested in accordance with European standard EN1186 making it suitable for food contact

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Face Shield reusable protective complete 180 degree vision
Face Shield User Guidance

Care and cleaning

The visors are reusable but sterilisation is a decision for each health authority based on their processesand risk assessments.

✔ The visor can be wiped clean/semi sterilised with universal wipes

✔ The visors can sterilised through immersion and washing in hot soapy water (400C)

✔ The visor can be sterilised through immersion in 1% chlorine solution, as per many hospitals

✔ The visor was sterilised effectively by NHS Partner* @ 600C

✔ The visor can be sterilised through immersion in Isopropyl Alcohol

✔ The visor was sterilised effectively by NHS Partner* @ 1000C

Wash Procedure

Suggested cleaning process, as used by NHS
Development Partner*Tests used x 10 visors per wash

1 Pre-wash - 20.5ºC (5 min)

2 Wash using Phoenix* - 61.3ºC 6mins water pressure 4.8bar

3 Rinse - 60ºC (1 min)

4 Thermal rinse - 90-93ºC (8 min)

5 Drying – 100-105.4ºC (10 min)

*Chemicals used

✔ PHOENIX (Potassium polyphosphate aqueous solution 20-30%,Dihydroxypropane 1-10%, Subtillisin 0-0.5%).

Technical Specifications


Dimensions(fully assembled): 320mm(L) x 250mm(H) x 200mm(D)

Dimensions(Shield only (flat): 390mm(W) x 200mm(H)

Weight (approx): 200g

Materials used (shield): 1mm Polycarbonate

Materials used(straps and visor): Polypropylene

No Latex is used in any part of this product.
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Gloves disposable Pack of 100 Blue Nitrile power free
Non-sterile, powder and latex-free disposable gloves with textured finish, excellent sensitivity and dexterity. Ambidextrous. Approved for use in food preparation. Conforms to EN374-3, EN1186 & EN420. Intermediate design.
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Gloves Skytec® Argon Thermal
14G4800 Skytec® Argon Thermal Gloves This glove features a unique HPT foam ¾ coating which remains flexible to temperatures as low as -50ºc. A breathable two-layer insulated liner also ensures that these gloves remain warm, soft and comfortable. Ideal for applications involving secure handling and high levels of dexterity in harsh conditions.

• Suitable for mechanics, oil and gas industry and construction• 3/4 Coating provides excellent grip in wet and dry conditions
• Thermal liner provides warmth while retaining excellent flexibility
• Actifresh treated which kills bacteria and promotes freshness
• Black colouring to hide dirt

Sizes 8 . 9 . 10

Approved to BS EN 388:2003 and BS EN 511.
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Sanisafe Alcogel Hand Sanitiser 500 ml Bottles
Sanisafe Alcogel is an alcohol-based hand sanitiser gel with flip top that can kill up to 99.999% of common germs. Suitable for use in areas where food is prepared, this hand gel is a fantastic alternative to traditional hand soaps when water is not readily available or prefered.

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• Gel hand sanitiser ideal for areas where water is not preferred or readily available
• Kills up to 99.999% of common germs
• Non-sticky and fragrance-free
• Can be used in areas where food is present

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EN 1500

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