Federation of Window Cleaners

Unger Pole Accessories

StarDuster ProCeilingFanFor dusting of ceiling fan blades and other flat surfaces, holds dirt like a magnet with microfibre strands.
£ 14.81
Unger end cones
£ 4.90
Plastic adapter for attaching tools on nLite poles.
£ 5.23
Brush Holderwith quarter inch thread for brushes and other tools
£ 4.79
2nd Section 25mm This item is two little green squares which slot into the two little holes in the pole underneath the collar and they have a plastic thread connecting each square and this is sold as a whole piece
£ 1.02
3rd Section 29mmThis item is sold as a pair as you get two little green squares seperately and they are not connected each one of these squares slots into the holes made in the poles underneath the collar so your collar can be tightened again
£ 1.08
4th SECTION 33mm
£ 1.08
5th SECTION 37mm
£ 1.08
Indoor Cleaning StarDuster ProFlat75 Bendy
StarDuster ProFlat75Bendy plastic duster with microfibre sleeve ideal for small gaps.
£ 19.33
StarDuster Lambswool DusterMade of lambswool, for shelves, surfaces, etc., flexible very adjustable,
£ 14.96
Unger Ergo Tec Safety end Cone
£ 5.47
Pole Telescopic Accessories - Feather Duster
StarDuster Ostrich FeatherMade of Ostrich feathers. perfect for glass cabinets and furniture.
£ 14.30
Pole Telescopic Accessories Bulb changer
Unger Bulb Changer for changing round light bulbs in high access areas this has rubber coated spring steel fingers.
£ 21.98
StarDuster ProFlat/Flex Sleeves Pack of 50Cover sleeve to slip over the top of your ProFlat and ProFlex StarDuster.
£ 15.32
StarDuster ProFlex75Great for cleaning above underneath and around corners.
£ 22.88
Telescopic Pole accessories  Unger Cob Web for dusting of walls surfaces and corners
Star Duster Cob Web for dusting of walls surfaces and corners. perfect on telescopic poles.
£ 7.20
Telescopic Pole accessories Unger Pipe brush
StarDuster PipeBrushRound and bendable for cleaning pipes and round surfaces perfect for dusting curved surfaces.
£ 17.58
Telescopic Pole accessories Unger tool holder
Tool HolderIdeal for paint rollers , scrapers and other tools with handles. Adjustable agle that locks securely via bolt with nut.
£ 16.12
Telescopic pole accessories Unger wall brush
StarDuster Wall BrushOval shape for cleaning fans, walls etc., Perfect for dusting rouhg surfaces and removing dust on flat objects.
£ 17.50
Unger Collars 2 SEC
£ 3.72
£ 3.72
£ 4.63
£ 5.32
Small Collar for Optic Loc
£ 3.43
Large collar for Opticloc
£ 4.79
Waterfed nLite plastic adapter for attaching tools
Plastic adapter for attaching tools on nLite poles.Locking cone adapter for attaching traditional window cleaning tools
£ 6.99