Federation of Window Cleaners

Unger Pole Accessories

Accessories for telescopic poles Unger pole wall brush
StarDuster Wall BrushOval shape for cleaning fans, walls etc., Perfect for dusting rouhg surfaces and removing dust on flat objects.
£ 17.50
Unger end cones
£ 5.37
Unger Ergo Tec Safety end Cone
£ 6.00
StarDuster Lambswool Duster
StarDuster Lambswool Duster Made of lambswool, for shelves, surfaces, etc., flexible very adjustable,
£ 16.48
Telescopic Accessories Pole - Feather Duster for Unger poles
StarDuster Ostrich FeatherMade of Ostrich feathers. perfect for glass cabinets and furniture.
£ 14.30
Telescopic Accessories Pole Bulb changer for Unger Poles
Unger Bulb Changer for changing round light bulbs in high access areas this has rubber coated spring steel fingers.
£ 21.98
Telescopic Poles accessories Unger Cob Web for pole dusting of walls surfaces and corners
Star Duster Cob Web for dusting of walls surfaces and corners. perfect on telescopic poles.
£ 9.20
Telescopic Poles accessories Unger pole Pipe brush
StarDuster PipeBrushRound and bendable for cleaning pipes and round surfaces perfect for dusting curved surfaces.
£ 17.58