Federation of Window Cleaners

Scrim and Microfibre Cloths

Blue Large Microfibre cloth
A microfibre cloth that is specifically designed for smear-free glass cleaning. Jumbo cloths for extensive window areas, larger glass surfaces, window and door frames, mirrored walls, glass cabinets and most smooth hard surfaces.

Use damp for removing dirt and grease, use dry for spot cleaning streaks and fingerprints. High liquid absorption up to 6 times its own weight. Lint-free microscopic fibres. Launder frequently for best performance. Window Finishing Cloths Tough on dirt, kind to most surfaces and finishes. Smear-free, absorbent, washable and lint free.

Ideal for glass and car body work. Ready to use, scrim alternative. Microglass: Can be used as a professional alternative to chamois and scrim. Ideal for stainless steel. Washable. 
£ 3.30
Cloth Microfibre Unger 40 cm x 40 cm
Unger Microwipe Microfibre cloth for glass

SMALL 40cm x 40cm
£ 3.20
Cloth Microfibre Unger 60 cm x 80 cm
UNGER Microwipe Microfibre cloth for glass

LARGE 60cm x 80cm
£ 9.38
Cloth Scrim Grade one heavy duty pre-washed hemmed
Grade 1 Pre Washed and Hemmed Scrim approx 32" x 32"
£ 4.50
Premium Microfibre Cloths
40cm x 40cmWeight: 300gsmContains: 70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide,

Ultra fine microfibre, 0.13 denier.Premium General Purpose ClothsIdeal for all types of contract cleaning and dusting. The high quality cloths are also very popular in the automotive trade because of the high Level of polyamide content providing excellence in cleaning and durability, they are also a ultra split warp weave Microfibre which means they are super soft have a high quality manufacturing process and have a luxurious feel.

Where to use All hard surfaces including, plastic, aluminium, wood, laminate, ceramics, tiling, stainless steel, glass, Perspex, paintwork, vinyl etc.Dry surface useIs used dry for removing dust and loose particles from all hard surfaces. As it is wiped over a surface it creates astatic charge that attracts dirt to the cloth, the micro fibre then ‘holds’ the dirt until the cloth is washed.

Damp surface useIs used damp to remove heavier soilings from all hard surfaces. The micro fibres work through capillary action,drawing dirt into the cloth. Once the cloth is dirty, place in laundry bag and continue cleaning with a clean cloth is washed.
£ 0.99