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Unger Indoor Pure Water Kits

Indoor Cleaning Microfibre Polish/soft Pad 20 cm Unger
Microfibre Cleaning Pad Extra smooth, easy glide microfibre pad for regular cleaning. Removes dust fingerprints grease and other light dirt from glass and mirrors. Strong velcro backing for attaching to Padholders PHH20 and PHD20
£ 5.82
Indoor Cleaning Microfibre Wash Pad 20 cm Unger
UNGER Microfibre Washing Pad for HiFlo™ Indoor Pure System This thick, 15mm long microfibre, suitable for periodic washing or heavy soil. For streak free finish and best cleaning results spray with pure deionised water. Features Velcro backing for attaching to the Padholder. Machine washable up to 200 times.Size: 20cm.
£ 6.99
Indoor Cleaning Pad Holder (HandHeld) Unger
Pad Holder (HandHeld) Aluminium handheld holder for indoor cleaning pads, designed to enable perfect pressure application for thorough and precise cleaning. Easy to use and velcro backing for attaching the pads.
£ 20.93
Indoor Cleaning Pad Holder 20cm with swivel handle Unger
UNGER Padholder for HiFlo Indoor Pure System Lightweight Padholder with a swivel head allows user to reach any cleaning angle. The Padholder can be fitted onto any Unger aluminium pole using a thread Adapter (AFAET), available separately. Practical Velcro backing allows easy changing of the cleaning pad, with minimum effort.Size: 20cm.
£ 20.93
Scrub Pad WhiteAbrasive scrub pad for removing touch dirt. Removes sutbborn dirt, ideal for outdoor cleaning, reliably sticks to the backing of padholders PHH20 and PHD20
£ 0.61
Spray bottle for a belt Unger
Sprayer on a Belt Fits to the belt for optimum weight support. Flexible hose allows upside down spraying, 1 Litre bottle included. Cloth storage compartment. compatible with standard bottles
£ 17.56
Waterfed poles / Telescopic pole adaptor Unger
UNGER Thread Adapter for Unger Aluminium Poles Compact Adapter fits into any Unger aluminium pole, providing secure fitting of the Pad holder for the HiFlo™ Indoor Pure System, as well as MultiLink System parts and Brushes.
£ 15.07