Federation of Window Cleaners

Brodex Connectors

26 Series HP Male to Female Splitter
HP Male to Female Splitter 
£ 26.00
Male 1/2 Inch Hosetail Tap Insert – Brass
£ 4.05
26 Series Male HP pole hose fitting for half inch
Male HP Pole Hose Fitting Brass half inchFits into standard Brodex female high pressure connector, attached to the end of half inch trolley hose (not suitable for Hozelock connection).
£ 4.05
26 Series Manifold front HP female connector
Manifold front HP female connector
£ 9.50
26 Series quarter inch Male BSP HP - £4.50 +v.a.t.
Male HP Tap Replacement insert - Brass
£ 4.50
External Access Port – DIYUnique stainless steel, high durability, security system access port. The manifold is to be fitted through the vehicle wall, allowing full system charging and discharging whilst you vehicle is locked and secure. Inletting and outlet ports made from high quality brass fittings. Comes complete with full installation kit, fitting instructions and cutting template.Suitable for 10mm water pipe
£ 178.00