Federation of Window Cleaners


Waterfed Poles Ionic Swift pole
The Swift is a lightweight, rigid and extremely durable commercial pole, able to reach impressive heights. For many, the Swift has replaced the use of hydraulic platforms or even rope access.- Full Carbon for Superb Rigidity- Lightweight and Durable- Short Collapsed Length of 2.34m- Commercial Head- Tougher and Stiffer "PLUS" versionTo clean at heights of 50, 60 and even 80 feet, a very special pole is needed. The SWIFT range has been specially designed to meet the needs of cleaning at these heights.The Swift pole has rigidity, and is the only composite telescopic pole available that can clean to 80ft.But this outstanding rigidity has not come at the cost of weight or size. Thanks to a specially developed thermoplastic toughened matrix system (TMS), the Swift range is remarkably light-weight for such long-reaching poles and have amazingly narrow handle sections.
£ 750.00
Waterfed Poles Ionics Glyder pole
The GLYDER™ PoleThe Glyder is very rigid, lightweight and easy to use.Full Carbon for Superb RigidityLightweight and DurableShort Collapsed Length of 1.99mResidential or Commercial HeadTougher and Stiffer "PLUS" versionThe excellent rigidity makes the Glyder the pole of choice for cleaning at awkward angles, easily reaching over obstacles while remaining fully controllable. Like all Ionic poles, the Glyder is built to last, and the high-grade carbon fibre means the pole is extremely tough and robust. The perfect balance between rigidity and lightness, the Glyder is the ideal pole for those who regularly work at 30-40 feet. Comfortable to use all day, every day. The "PLUS" version has even higher grade carbon, for better rigidity and toughness.
£ 310.00
Waterfed Poles Ionics Grafter pole
The GRAFTER™ PoleThe versatile Grafter™ range comprises very compact and easy-to-use poles. They are a firm favourite with residential window cleaners, but also extremely useful for cradle work and abseiling operations too.- Ideal Residential Pole- Glass-Carbon Fibre Mix- Low Cost yet Highly Durable- Very Short Collapsed LengthThe Grafter pole family has been carefully designed with the residential window cleaner in mind. With an amazingly short closed length of just 1.6m, the Grafter will fit into even the smallest of window cleaning vehicles with ease. But despite its compact dimensions, the Grafter can reach up to 32ft, and thanks to the glass- carbon mix, still remains remarkably rigid, even at this height. Hard wearing, low cost and compact in size, the Grafter is simply the ideal residential pole!
£ 95.00