Federation of Window Cleaners

Buckets and Accessories

Bucket 19" Unger Green Oblong
19" Unger Green Oblong Bucket (wheel not included in this price they are sold as a set of four and sold seperately)
£ 23.00
Bucket 24 Litre Blue
24 Litre Pulex Blue Oblong Bucket  (Lid is not included with this item)
£ 21.00
Bucket Barge for Unger 19"
Bucket Barge making life a little easier
£ 22.12
Bucket Castors for 24 Litre blue
Contico/Pulex Castors for Blue Bucket CWBset of 4
£ 5.00
Bucket Clips Large
Contico/Pulex Large Applicator HangersPer pair
£ 1.49
Bucket Clips Small
Contico/Pulex Small Squeegee HangersPer Pair
£ 1.49
Bucket Lid for blue 24 Litre
Blue Lid for Contico/Pulex Blue Bucket
£ 8.50
Bucket Lid for Unger 19"
Lid for Unger Bucket QB0220
£ 7.32
Bucket printed with Caution Window Cleaner working
14" FWC Caution Bucket in Red, Blue, Green ALL THESE COLOURS ARE AVAILABLE TO MEMBERS WITH LOGO AND CAUTION PRINTED Non Members can order this Bucket but this would come without the Logo and at present this is only avaiable in yellow FOR NON MEMBERS

Was £7.20 + v.a.t. now £5.50 + v.a.t. 

Yellow now only available at the price of £7.20 + v.a.t. all discounted yellow buckets have been cleared.
£ 7.20
Bucket Seive for unger 19" bucket
Sieve for Unger Bucket QB0220
£ 12.11
Bucket Small round red bucket with pour lip
Small Round Red Bucket with a handy pour lip for transfering water easily
£ 5.00
Bucket Wheels for Unger 19"
Castors for Unger Bucket QB0220 set of 4
£ 8.89
Logo trigger Spray with strong trigger spray good for industrial use 
£ 1.87