Federation of Window Cleaners
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10" Channel & Rubber Liquidator 2.0 Moerman
LIQUIDATOR 2.0 - NEW! NEW FIXED END CLIPS Stronger end clips Industrial grade plastic More friction resistant Permanent fixed end clips Replacement clips available

EFFICIENCY *****- Reduced cloth prepping and detailing- Up to 25 % time saving
AMAZING RESULTS *****- Amazing results with less effort- No water residues in corners & edges
SAFE ***- No need to reach out with a cloth- Plastic tips are gentle for the frame
ERGONOMIC ***- Lightweight for easy and precise handling- Floats like air over the glass

£ 5.76
21 Series 6mm Hose Tail Waterfed accessories
Mini Hose Tail 6mmThis item fits the 21KAIW / 21KAAW / 21KATF-6 and the 21KATF-8
£ 1.10
21 Series 8mm Hose Tail waterfed accessories
Mini Hose Tail 8mmThis item fits the 21KAIW / 21KAAW / 21KATF-6 & 21KATF-8
£ 1.50
Brass 8mm Hose Tail with 1/4" thread for 21 series connectors
£ 1.10
Brass 8mm Hose Tail with 1/4" thread for 21 series connectors
£ 1.30
21 Series Mini End Stop with Female waterfed accessories
Quick Connect Mini Endstop with Female Thread quarter inch
£ 5.99
21 Series Mini End Stop with male waterfed accessories
Mini Endstop with Male Thread quarter inch
£ 5.76
26 Series HP Male to Female Splitter
HP Male to Female Splitter 
£ 26.00
Male 1/2 Inch Hosetail Tap Insert – Brass
£ 4.20
26 Series Male HP pole hose fitting for half inch
Male HP Pole Hose Fitting Brass half inchFits into standard Brodex female high pressure connector, attached to the end of half inch trolley hose (not suitable for Hozelock connection).
£ 4.20
26 Series Manifold front HP female connector
Manifold front HP female connector
£ 9.60
26 Series quarter inch Male BSP HP
Male HP Tap Replacement insert - Brass
£ 4.60
Eclipse Hi-G Blend Socket Mophead 250gThe SYR Eclipse range features a true multi-purpose universal socket that fits most popular handle fittings, except Interchange. The very best of every socket in one - push fit, screw-in or three prong. Looped and banded for strength and longevity Hi-G specially blended yarn offers exceptional mopping efficiency. Washable, hardwearing performance mops.
£ 4.50
Spray Gee Microfibre pad (Frame which is pictured is not included for this code and price)
£ 5.32
SYR Surface Cleaner Solution Spray G Gell 1.5 Litres bottles
£ 5.64
Badge with FWC Logo
Round Enamelled badge with Logo
£ 1.00
Belt Unger Ergotech
ERGOTEC BELT Solid Belt for carrying tool holders, 4 eyes, padding, quick release and now in the NEW Black colour
£ 17.80
Belt Unger Webbed
Unger Web belt with quick release clip and loop
£ 18.89
Belt Winspray Velcro
Winspray Belt - Velcro fastening
£ 15.00
Padded reinforced fully adjustable belt with secure quick release clip
£ 5.60
Book Canvassing Leaflet 1 book of 100 sheets
Canvassing Leaflet FOR MEMBERS ONLYBook of 100
£ 1.40
Book Canvassing leaflet 5 books of 100 sheets per book
Canvassing Leaflet FOR MEMBERS ONLY5 Books of 100 = 500 leaflets
£ 6.00
Book Cleaning Proficiency Manual
BICS Cleaning Proficiency Manual
£ 18.00
Book Contract Cleaning Manual
Contract Cleaning Manual.
£ 11.00
Book Floor Maintenance
Floor Maintenance set of 4
£ 25.00
Book Floors & Their Maintenance
Floors & Their Maintenance
£ 15.00
Federation Rule Book available to members only
£ 0.50
Federation Safety Guide We only charge £0.50 which covers the cost of a colour photocopy of this booklet
£ 0.50
Book Window Cleaner Called Today (5 Books)
Window cleaner called today Leaflet FOR MEMBERS ONLY5 Books of 100 = 500 leafletsThese leaflets now have the Federation Logo printed in red in the background
£ 6.20
Books Day book with squared off pages
NEW BOOK now with 100 pages which are squared off to give you a guide for streets, house number, etc., This Day Book has no vynyl protective cover. The Federation Logo appears on the front Cover
£ 2.38
Books Window Cleaner Called to day
Window cleaner called today Leaflet FOR MEMBERS ONLYBook of 100 These leaflets now have the Federation Logo printed in red in the background
£ 1.45
Brush 10" Hi-Lo Flagged bristles - Vikan
10" Brush10" HiLo Vikan Flagged Brush with jets included
£ 34.41
Brush 10" Vikan Flagged
10" Brush10" Vikan Brush Flagged with 2.00mm pencil jets weight 462g width 250mm
£ 24.30
Brush 10" Vikan UnFlagged
10" Brush10" Vikan Brush UnFlagged with 2.00mm pencil jets weight 458g width 250mm
£ 22.08
Brush 10.5" Vikan Monofilament UnFlagged
10.5" Brush10.5" Vikan Monofilament Brush UnFlagged - 2mm Pencil Jets •Weight 510g•Width 275mm•2mm Pencil Jets
£ 25.40
Brush 15.5" Vikan Flagged
15.5" Brush15.5" Vikan brush Flagged with 2.00 mm pencil jets weigth 674gwidth 360mm
£ 32.44
Brush 16" Ultra lite Pro Window
16" BrushThis Ultralite Pro Window 16" UnFlagged brush jetted double trim brush comes with pre drilled holes so it is easy to make a 4 jets brush with it (2 fan jets and 2 pencil jets).
£ 29.88
Brush 9.5" Hi-Lo Monofilament bristles - Vikan
9.5" Brush9.5" HiLo Vikan Monofilament Brush UnFlagged (Medium Bristle)- 2mm Pencil Jets •Weight 526g•Width 245mm•2mm Pencil Jets
£ 31.67
Brush FaceLift Phoenix Lightweight with pencil Jets Waterfed
FaceLift Phoenix Lightweight Brush with pencil Jets The Lightweight 15" Dual-Trim Brush span Designed Exclusively by Facelift Systems•Splayed for Greater Coverage on Glass•Do More - Faster with Less Effort•Dual Trim - Push Down to Activate Shorter Bristles•Great for Stubborn Dirt•
£ 29.95
Brush fan jet Waterfed
Fan Jet 40 degree blue complete
£ 5.84